Stanfordville Boiler Repair & Installation Services

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Boiler Repair and Installation Services Stanfordville,NY

In the majority of cases, your home is either heated with a furnace or with a boiler. Furnaces heat the air and then send that heated air through the house via ductwork. A boiler heats water, and then uses that water or steam produced from the hot water to heat the different rooms of your house. When a boiler relies on steam to heat the house, it is distributed through pipes and sent to steam radiators. If the boiler uses hot water but no steam, the water goes to baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems to provide heat. Traditionally, boilers that use hot water are usually more efficient than steam boilers, but modern boilers are quite energy efficient no matter which type is used.

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Update Your Boiler for Greater Efficiency

When a boiler is properly installed and maintained, it can last for more than half-a-century. The only issue with boilers that are more than 25 years old is that they might not include some of the energy saving features of modern boilers. When newer energy saving devices are installed on a boiler, it has the potential to use up to 40% less energy, which equals substantial financial savings for the homeowner.

The Value of Backflow Testing

One thing you don’t want in your boiler is stagnant water. If this happens, the potential for contaminated water to get into your household water increases dramatically. Having a backflow assembly installed as part of your boiler system, and having regular backflow testing, will ensure the water is moving and never permits contaminated water to enter your home.

How Boiler Maintenance Saves You Money

Regular maintenance is one of the keys to ensure your boiler lasts for decades and runs smoothly the entire time it is in use. Annual maintenance generally includes a complete safety inspection, and checks to ensure every part of the boiler is working correctly. Although having professional maintenance performed costs you money, you’ll be able to avoid repairs during the year and you will always have heat at the times you need it most.

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