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Repipe and Repiping Services Stanfordville,NY

One plumbing service that many homeowners and business owners seem to like, is repiping. This refers to removing sections of weakened or damaged piping and replacing it with new pipe. It doesn’t sound particularly complex, and sometimes it isn’t, but it does provide benefits to the customer that can’t be found in more extensive repairs or replacements.

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Benefits of Repiping

The repiping process benefits customers because you don’t need your entire piping system ripped out and replaced, which often carries a hefty price tag. With the diagnostic tools available to plumbers today, they are able to identify which sections of pipe require attention and only focus on those specific areas. Repiping can save money now and it can save money later by preventing a small pinhole leak from turning into a large leak or even a burst pipe.

Do I Have a Leak?

There are a handful of common signs that you may have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, and it’s good for every homeowner to be aware of them. If you can’t visibly notice water leaking or pooling anywhere in your home or on your property, you may notice unpleasant odors, mold growth, uneven water pressure or higher than average water bills. Many leaks take place behind walls or under floors and aren’t big enough to cause immediate damage, but they are still there, so it’s wise to pay attention.

Two Common Types of Pipe

When it comes to repiping, most plumbers that offer the service are familiar with both PEX and copper piping. PEX refers to polyethylene piping that is cross-linked. It usually costs less than copper, and while it is flexible and weather-resistant, it doesn’t typically last as long as copper.

So, if you have PEX in your home you may require repiping sooner than if you had copper pipes. Copper tends to cost more, but the added strength means it won’t sag at the joints from constant water pressure. Many homeowners are more concerned with durability than price, and opt for copper pipes when they have the choice, so they can go longer before having to think about repiping or any other type of repair.

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