Stanfordville Toilet Repair & Installation Services

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Toilet Repair and Installation Services Stanfordville,NY

In order for your toilet to work efficiently and problem-free, there are several different elements that must work in conjunction with one another. The toilet must be installed correctly, it must be free from leaks and back ups, and the tank on top must be installed correctly. The handle, float arm and chain must all be positioned just right so the flushing mechanism can work without wasting water unnecessarily. If your toilet is running well, you’ll barely think of it at all, but when it needs repair or replacement, it can become a major distraction.

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Common Toilet Clog Causes

Some of the things that end up causing most toilet clogs include flushing too much toilet paper at one time, flushing paper towels and sanitary napkins down the toilet and pouring cooking oil or grease into the toilet. Any type of oil that will coagulate and harden doesn’t belong in any of your drains, including the toilet. Children experimenting with flushing small toys and other items down the toilet are another cause of toilet clogs. If you can modify your flushing habits and your kids’ habits, you can prevent most clogs.

What Are the Risks?

In terms of toilet clogs, water damage and embarrassment are the main risks. Naturally, if the contents of your toilet overflow onto the floor and the situation requires professional attention, embarrassment is a normal response. If water gets under your floor and isn’t dealt with, you may end up with rotting wood and mold growth that can endanger members of your family. If your toilet clog is caused by tree roots growing into the pipes, you may face damage that is even more extensive.

Why Professional Repair and Installation Is Key

The damage mentioned above can be avoided if you trust your toilet repair and installation to professionals. A licensed plumber knows where to find subtle signs of damage that most homeowners would miss, and they know the proper procedure to follow in order to meet local building codes, and to maintain manufacturer’s warranties. With professional repair and installation, you can feel confident that the job was done correctly and your toilet will run smoothly.

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