Stanfordville Septic Cleaning & Repair Services

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Septic Cleaning and Repair Services Stanfordville,NY

If you live in an area that uses a septic system to remove wastewater from your home, you know just how important it is to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. If the system shuts down, or there is a problem with pump or tank, you could end up with quite the mess.

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How Your Septic System Works

The septic system on your property acts like a mini sewage system because your house isn’t connected to the public sewage system. The tank collects waste produced by the household, and then wastewater is pumped into a drain field or leach field. An automatic pump is an integral part of the system, moving the waste from the house to the tank, and from the tank to the field. If either of these parts malfunctions, the system won’t work as it should.

Why Professional Cleaning?

Since a broken septic system has the potential to cause damage, distress and health issues in the environment, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned from time to time. Set up a maintenance schedule with your plumbing company, and then stick to it. If possible, try to use the same company that installed the system, because they will have intimate knowledge of the manufacturer and any extra information about your property. This is one service that is always best left to the professionals.

Reasons for Septic Pump Repair

Most of the time, septic system repairs are necessary because of problems with the pump or the tank. If your pump stops working altogether or has diminished capacity for whatever reason, the system slows down and needs a repair. If the tank develops a build up of waste over time or has a leak, professional repair is required to get it back to normal. If you notice unpleasant odors in the house or around your tank that don’t go away, or if your toilets and drains are backed up, it may be a problem with the septic system and you shouldn’t waste any time calling for help.

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