Stanfordville Leak Detection Services

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Leak Detection Services Stanfordville,NY

When it comes to your home plumbing, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as knowing you have a leak somewhere within the system, but not being able to locate it or fix it. That’s why leak detection services exist, and why they are such a popular service for plumbers that provide them. An undetected water leak has the potential to cause a lot of damage, costly repairs and mold growth in various areas of your home.

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Subtle Signs of a Water Leak

As mentioned above, mold is one of the signs that you have an undetected water leak somewhere in your home. In its early stages, it may appear as mildew or a slight discoloration in the area of the leak. Other signs include moisture on floors around tubs, showers or sinks, reduced water pressure, rising water bills or unusual sound behind walls or under floors where you know water pipes reside.

Take Quick Action

When you become aware of the signs, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Typically, that includes calling your plumber for further instruction. If there are no signs of a burst pipe or emergency, you may not have to shut off the water supply to the house, but you’ll get that information when you call. A small leak that goes on undetected can completely saturate subfloors and rot wood without you even knowing what has happened. By the time you find out the truth, you may need hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of repairs. This is why you need to call as soon as you think you have a water leak.

Professional Water Leak Detection

Professional water leak detection uses diagnostic tools that aren’t available to the average homeowner. After assessing the situation and getting information from the customer, the technician will search the pipes until the leak is found and a solution can be created. It may only need a quick repair or complete sections of pipe may need to be replaced, but the pipe will be repaired and you can stop worrying about more damage occurring because of the leak.

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