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Plumbing Services Poughkeepsie, NY

Plumbing Services

  •    Hydrojetting
  •    Burst Pipe Repair
  •    Water Leak Detection
  •    Boiler Installation & Repair
  •    Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
  •    Bathroom Remodeling
  •    Toilet Repair & Installation
  •    Sump Pumps
  •    Showers & Tubs
  •    Septic Tank Plumbing
  •    Repiping
  •    Emergency Plumbing
  •    Drain Cleaning
  •    Garbage Disposals
  •    Faucets, Fixtures & Sinks
  •    Water Softeners
  •    Water Filtration Systems
  •    Commercial Plumbing
  •    Water Heaters

Can I Install My Own Water Heater?

When your old water heater finally stops working for good, or you’re doing renovations or a new build, you will need a new water heater installed. If you’re into the DIY concept for home projects, you may want to try and install a new water heater yourself, but most of the time, that isn’t a wise decision. Unless you have extensive plumbing knowledge and a working knowledge of different water heater manufacturers, you should just leave this job to the professionals. A professional plumber also understands the local building codes and won’t do anything to ruin the water heater’s warranty.

Does Hard Water Cause Dry Skin?

Hard water is water that has too much dissolved calcium and magnesium in it. Perhaps, the main sign that your water is hard is when white residue known as lime scale is left on pots, pans and other surfaces. Hard water will also cause your soap and shampoo not to lather as well as with soft water, and it can result in lifeless-looking hair and dry skin. If you have dry skin caused by hard water, you’ll notice a big difference when you have a good water softener installed in your home.

Emergency Services 24-Hours a Day

A burst pipe, broken water heater, backed up septic system and other plumbing emergencies are troubling to any homeowner or business owner, but they are made easier when you have access to a 24-hour emergency plumber. Plumbing emergencies never seem to respect normal business hours, so having our number close by can give you peace of mind when things are going well. Knowing that you’ll have a quick solution to your problem if an emergency arises is a comforting feeling. Just make sure you shut off your water supply as soon as possible, then call for help.

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