Try to aim for max 1-2 lines length for a sentence. Make use of conjunctions, commas, and full stop make it easier to read. Look for long sentences in your copy, and break them down to a smaller length. Let us know look at some smart tips you can use right now to improve the readability of your content without making much effort.

What is a good readability score for a website

If there’s one company who knows what Google wants out of your content, it’s SEMrush. So when they put out a writing assistant plugin, you jump on it. Once your content is scored , you will get suggestions based on which sentences and words you can improve.

Having a good readability score is so important to publishing successfully that you will have no problem finding both free and premium services to check your work. No matter your budget, there issomething out there to help you get a better readability score. Our leading-edge readability checker is up to date with changes in standards. You can be sure your feedback is current and reflects real-world reading behaviour.

The fancy fonts won’t make your copy look authoritative, but it reduces readership. Also, these fancy fonts are not easy on eyes, and could result in eyes strain. Using the readability checker, teachers can figure out whether the language they were using was easily understandable or not. But, this is not the only use of it they can also add textbooks to check how easy they are . Just because people can read and understand your content doesn’t mean that they will do so. On the average web-page visit, users read only 28% of the words.

You typically need a specialized skill set to create and edit videos. If you’re going to use those videos for online marketing purposes, the bar is even higher. Fortunately, VEED.IO aims to simplify that… When I taught freshman composition, I told my students every semester to stop trying to sound like a writer. They thought if they wanted to succeed, they had to write in this grand, sweeping, epic style, using words they barely knew the meaning of and couldn’t pronounce.

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It connects and relates two sentences together. Using transition words improves the flow of your blog article give a smoother reading experience. This account the number word count and syllables in words in the readability measurement. So, using short sentences and words can give you a good score. An acceptable readability score of 60 and more is considered better. Here are descriptions of the eight most common readability tests for the English language, with recommended writing levels.

Making use of content reader tool, like WebsiteVoice, can make your content easily consumable. Not everyone has time to read the whole blog post, or go through the landing page. Using such tool can equip your users to listen the website content while working, exercising, or listening to your content like a podcast while doing daily chores. The transition words allow users to understand what the sentence would be about.

Improve your document readability and connect with your readers. Identify news sites to benchmark.Choose editorial award winners and others acknowledged to be at the top of the craft. Do include theJournal— it’s the business publication of record in the United States, after all, and a textbook example of how to write stellar business copy.

If you want what you write to influence the most people possible, you must take readability into account. If you’re not an expert in readability, there are standard tests that can measure it for you before you publish. You can also run a Cloze test on individual pieces of content that are particularly important or which have caused problems in user testing.

  • If mobile users are important to you, be even briefer and simplify even more.
  • Bulleted lists are great for scanning, and so are short sentences.
  • ScoreSchool LevelEase LevelDetails100.0 — 90.05th gradeVery EasyIts very easy to read.
  • Our scores are backed up by established readability algorithms and verified by over 10,000 automated tests and hand-calculated scores.
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  • There are a few players in the readability and SEO game for WordPress.

It’s hard to look at your own writing and say, “Yep, that’s written at an 80 on the Flesch-Kincade scale.” In fact, that’s almost impossible. Some of the best advice I have ever been given was to make sure that when you’re explaining something, break it down like you’d break it down for a child. People and companies who want to make their content easy to read and understand. Readable is an online toolkit that helps writers everywhere improve their readability and bring their audience closer.

Many algorithms are developed to perform such content measurement job, but the most common used readability metrics is the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score. Get our new chrome extension and access all popular seo tools with just one click. Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group which he co-founded with Dr. Donald A. Norman .

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Text matching this age can be read by around 80% of Americans. You might be thinking that sure, readability sounds important for user experience. But maybe you feel that your content is already accessible enough. Pausing to assess your Flesch score can help identify areas in which you could improve your writing.

What is a good readability score for a website

It is about making your content consumable to masses. In this blog post, we will give you 13 tips on how to improve the readability of your content and increase user engagement. But first, let’s look on what is readability. ScoreSchool LevelEase LevelDetails100.0 — 90.05th gradeVery EasyIts very easy to read.

How To Improve Your Readability Score

The Cloze test provides a nice score, so you can rerun the test after a rewrite to see if the text has improved enough. If you follow the guidelines above, as well as other best practices for clean typography, you’ll be unlikely to need special tests for legibility. Readability can make your copy more inclusive, for example, subheadings can make your text easier to follow for those with learning difficulties like dyslexia. Titling your text and adding alternative text for images will also make your text readable for visually impaired readers, who will use audio transcribing software. Readability determines how easily your target audience is able to engage with your text.

What is a good readability score for a website

It also highlights the use of passive voice and long sentences. Give you audience an alternate way to consume your content. Using WebsiteVoice can turn your text content to voice to help users to listen your website and blog content. Yoast gives two reasons why SEO is important.

Test Your Writing

Some tactics like not using technical jargon are fairly straightforward. But making sure that your sentence length is appropriate for your target audience or that your headings are broken up by few enough words aren’t as easy to eyeball. Especially if your audience isn’t the general public, but a slightly more advanced readership. That’s fine because you’re a technical audience with a foundational knowledge of the subject. Like we said, there are multiple readability tests that you can use, but one of the most popular is the Flesh-Kincaid readability score.

Readable Is An Online Toolkit That Helps Writers Everywhere Improve Their Readability And Bring Their Audience Closer

Finally, for mathematical formulas, charts and even more (!) readability test metrics, see this readability resource from Ideosity. Reduce the number of words in your sentences. Reduce the number of sentences in your paragraphs.


In the United States, one out of seven people have trouble reading anything more challenging than a single sentence, much less a string of them or a series of paragraphs. And in the United Kingdom, one in six struggles with literacy. After study participants have performed their test tasks, we can further measure comprehension by giving them various forms of exams.

More than this, it will ensure your writing is properly tailored to your audience. So, this tool might be best if you want specific steps to improve readability without installing a plug-in. Not only does it keep track of the keyword targets you’re writing for, but it also has a completely separate section dedicated to the readability of your posts. You are given a rating of red, yellow, or green depending on where your content falls on the scale.

Tips For Achieving Readability

Most online tools that look over your text for readability (such as and Yoast SEO), have a Flesch-Kincaid score built in. With that in mind, let’s take a look at that scale in particular. Flesch Reading website readability Ease score.The Huffington Postaverages about 50 on The Flesch Reading Ease test. This readability formula measures how easy to read a piece of text is. The higher, the better, on this scale of 0 to 100.

Now you have solid facts you can use to convince reviewers that their revisions aren’t up to professional writing standards. Hey, these aren’t your standards, after all; they’reThe Huffington Post’s. Do not select heading levels based on their appearance. Rather, select heading levels based on their appropriate place in the hierarchy.

You don’t have to lose the overall concept, and you can adjust the amount of simplification at any time. However, if you think of how you’d explain the process to a child, you will come up with some extremely readable copy that you can then go back through and spruce up. Wikipedia even has a useful chart to show grade-level equivalency for the scores.

Studies show that an average person can read a 9th grade content, but they are more comfortable to reading content that is two grades lower for better understanding. There are many different measures to gauge content readability, but most of them are based on approximating the what grade students can understand the written text. The higher the readability score of your content, the better for your audience! It means more people are able to understand what you’re trying to say – resulting in improved engagement and conversions!

It measures the reading level required to process your information. When reading on a screen, users benefit from having text at a lower reading level. While not a requirement for accessibility, it is best to write at as low a reading level as is appropriate for your content. Doing so benefits people with cognitive impairments, people who do not speak English as a first language, and people who may be distracted while reading.

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Building an effective Instagram hashtag strategy can help to boost your content’s reach on the platform. Hashtags are a powerful feature that help to boost organic reach and engagement. Users can leverage existing hashtags to get their work categorized with other relevant posts. Is a content creator for Elegant Themes from North Alabama.