Litecoin uses a similar process compared to the other Blockchain cryptocurrencies when it comes to mining. Litecoins can be used to buy online services like web site development, or to buy merchandise like watches, automobile parts, fashion accessories, or pretty much anything else. The advantage of using Litecoin is that merchants can have a safe and easy way to accept money, without fees or chargebacks. Although Ethereum would usually be a better fit for most portfolios, you should research both of these crypto assets before you make up your mind. Now, let’s take a look at the result of the LTC technical analysis performed by Trading View. PrimeXBT products are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

The Price Prediction platform’s Litecoin forecast is unbelievably bullish. It is probably one of the most optimistic LTC price predictions you will find. They expect this coin to grow tenfold in just five years and can see Litecoin’s future price crossing over the $3K mark before this decade is over. That being said, it is worth noting that there have been explosive moves to the upside in this market multiple times. As volatile as crypto markets tend to be, losses will be much more uncomfortable than you may be used to. Profits are also just as shocking, so it does end up being worth the risk in the long term for those who apply sound money management.

However, Litecoin has fallen, along with the rest of the crypto market, to lose over 80%. Popular platforms like PayPal and Robinhood will let you invest, but the downside is that you can’t transfer your cryptocurrency off of these platforms yet. It takes significantly less new capital for Litecoin to double or even quadruple in price, compared to the amount of new invested capital Bitcoin would need. PayPal is the world’s biggest online payment system, and currently lets users buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Litecoin was also designed to have lower transaction fees than Bitcoin. Litecoin is commonly referred to as “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold” – but there are a few other important things to be aware of when considering these two major cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market continues to skyrocket, with much of the spotlight staying on Bitcoin. Litecoin was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, who at the time was a Google employee. Lee would end up serving as the engineering director at Coinbase. The person who owns the token also has access to the key that allows its use — either through sale to another investor or for use as a form of payment at a retailer.


The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, wanted a good transaction speed compared to other cryptocurrencies. Litecoin has four times the transaction speed compared to Bitcoin. It’s a high-risk, high-reward investment, even if those rewards have paled in comparison to some of the most popular coins. Most Litecoin forecasts are bullish on this coin, and those that are not still don’t see it crashing.

When we compare the halving intervals, there is a significant difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin. For instance, by using Scrypt, LTC developers avoid the ASIC-based miners dominating the mining process. However, after the block is verified, the next block goes into the chain. Also, the miners who have completed the verification process successfully get 12.5 Litecoins. Apart from that, the number of awarded Litecoin halved at regular intervals.

Is Litecoin a good investment? Why haters may be wrong about the controversial cryptocurrency – Inverse

Is Litecoin a good investment? Why haters may be wrong about the controversial cryptocurrency.

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Many users simply leave their cryptocurrency on the exchanges. The upside with that strategy is that if you want to take profits, this makes selling your crypto very fast and easy. Binance – Many users like that Binance has lower fees than Coinbase. Traders, Binance offers over 500 coins, making it an obvious choice for international users. If you’re just getting into the crypto game, consider Coinbase to test the waters and build confidence in trading.

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The mining algorithm is one of the key differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin. For instance, the first halving was initiated in 2015, and the reward was 25 LTC. Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, created Litecoin in 2011. Their Litecoin forecast has the coin declining until the end of 2023. Then, TradingBeasts predicts that Litecoin’s price will start rising again. However, they do not see LTC hitting a new ATH in the next few years.

It has been a top-performing altcoin since its inception in 2011, created by Charlie “Satoshi Lite” Lee. Charlie Lee was an engineer at both Google and Coinbase and had extensive experience in technology. With an interest-earning account like BlockFi, compound interest can make a big impact on your investment gains. And that yield on your Litecoin doesn’t even factor in the capital appreciation you’re likely to earn as the price may increase over the years. Finally, Bitcoin is currently at a $1.15 trillion market cap.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

The exact opposite can also be true as well, for when the average retail trader how to accept litecoin payments has no interest in a market, it’s likely that you are closer to the bottom.

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This type of investing can be profitable over the longer term, but one must be willing to sit through extreme volatility. For example, in 2019, Litecoin rose from just under $20 to the $140 level. Those who bought and held would have missed massive profit opportunities by not getting out once it started to fall again. The following year, Litecoin reached $255 but has since fallen to lose over 80%.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

It has shown its resiliency in the past, and there’s no reason to think that it will not in the future. Litecoin failed to perform the way Bitcoin does after its halving, typically seeing Bitcoin rise in demand due to reduced supply. However, confidence in Litecoin rose with the rest of the market in 2021, resulting in a massive spike to reach a high of $255.79 in April.

Those utilizing the CFD cryptocurrency platforms like the one at PrimeXBT could have amplified profits even further. Using a platform like the one offered at PrimeXBT, traders could have profited from both when Litecoin climbed from $20 to $140 and again from $140 down to $20. Using 100 × leverage, the two $120 price swings and volatility could have gained the trader as much as $24,000. Keep in mind that Litecoin follows Bitcoin, so you should pay close attention to what Bitcoin is doing.

What Is The Minimum To Invest In Litecoin?

Luckily, we have significant history near the $20 level showing market interest, so that might be an area where Litecoin attracts a lot of inflow. As time goes on, Litecoin has shown remarkable consistency in on-chain volume. Furthermore, transaction count has fallen in terms of blocks on the Litecoin ecosystem. However, it remains well elevated from historical norms, suggesting that Litecoin has a significant interest in it and the ability to survive going forward. Both are relatively bullish and indicate that we will eventually see Litecoin spike again.

  • Originally slated to happen sometime in 2024, he now believes it may be closer to 2027 by the time Litecoin breaks $1000.
  • The advantage of using Litecoin is that merchants can have a safe and easy way to accept money, without fees or chargebacks.
  • When risk appetite is poor, the US dollar tends to strengthen.
  • In principle, an investment can also lead to a total loss.
  • But, as mentioned above, if you compare individual market prices, you will get a good idea about it.

The cryptocurrency market has dropped into a “crypto winter” in 2022, typically when the “smart money” comes into the marketplace and accumulates again. Investing in Litecoin can be done by mining or buying LTC online in a few simple clicks on a platform or exchange that offers cryptocurrency. Once you have Litecoin, you can decide on several different ways to invest in the market. Here are some of the most common Litecoin investment strategies.

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Since its creation, Litecoin has been one of the only coins to remain in the top 10 largest market capitalization projects – an impressive feat for such a volatile asset class. There is no reason Litecoin can’t be part of an amateur investor’s portfolio. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind — namely, that Litecoin, like all other cryptocurrencies, has high potential for volatility. Finally, keep in mind that, unlike fiat currencies, cryptos require special tax treatment. Just like many cryptos, Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The main goal was to enable instant and near-zero cost transactions between people or institutes.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

Since it’s been around longer than newer coins and benefits from quick transaction times, it’s also seen as a more stable choice. However, as with any investment, all risks must be considered before investing. As of early March 2021, one litecoin token was worth $198.15 and the market capitalization for all litecoin tokens is $13.31 billion. The highest price in Litecoin history was $366.66, hit in early 2021. Prior to 2021, Litecoin had never gone over a token value of $150, but has seen large jumps since that calendar year changed over.

Main Differences Between Litecoin And Bitcoin

They require a good level of financial knowledge and experience. Like other cryptocurrencies, users can buy the coin online for use at retailers or as an investment currency. The crypto is run on technology called blockchain — essentially a public ledger that lists every transaction ever processed involving litecoins. Despite not being among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Litecoin is still an incredibly popular cryptocurrency. As a result, there are quite a lot of Litecoin price predictions out there made by top industry analysts.

BlockFi – BlockFi has the smallest crypto selection out of all of these; it’s actually more like a bank than just a crypto exchange. But you can earn a juicy interest in your BlockFi account. This time period later in the bull run is commonly called “alt season” or “altcoin season.” This news is likely to cause a wave of new interest in these four cryptocurrencies. PayPal recently announced that it will allow its U.S. customers to pay their favorite merchants in cryptocurrency. Litecoin fees have averaged significantly less than $1, while Bitcoin’s have often been $10+ and even gone as high as $30+.

Litecoin has four times the supply of Bitcoin, with a cap of 84 million LTC. Litecoin also lowered the block generation time to just 2 ½ minutes versus 10 minutes on the Bitcoin network, making it a faster solution for sending and receiving. While crypto has struggled in 2022, the Litecoin market has shown that it can weather the storm multiple times, as crypto has seen a lot of volatility since its inception. Because of this, as soon as this low is put in, Litecoin is once again a good investment for those willing to take the plunge. Because of its low fees and potential for gains, Litecoin is a promising altcoin investment.

SmartAsset’s matching tool can help you find a financial professional in your area within minutes to make smarter decisions with your money. Mining Litecoin is a process through which new Litecoin tokens are created. Essentially, the miner uses a powerful computer to perform complicated mathematical calculations as part of the process through which the blockchain is maintained.

If it starts to rally again, it will drag the rest of crypto up with it, with Litecoin being relatively quick to react. You should also pay close attention to the US Dollar Index because it is a mathematical expression of risk appetite. When risk appetite is poor, the US dollar tends to strengthen. That being said, Litecoin has had these massive selloffs in the past, as any cryptocurrency has over the last decade or so.

GOV Capital also has a positive outlook on the future of Litecoin. Although they are bearish on it in the short term, they expect LTC to start rising again sometime next year. Litecoin used to be one of the first cryptocurrencies people learned of when they entered the market. As a fork of Bitcoin, the LTC network is based on the BTC protocol.