Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Poughkeepsie PlumberIf you are unsure whether or not to have a garbage disposal professionally installed, you are not aware of all the benefits to you, your community, and the environment. Here are the top 10 reasons to install a garbage disposal today.

1. Improved Air Quality

Each night that kitchen garbage bag sits full of decomposing food, it makes the interior air smell, something you and your family may be immune to at this point.

2. Less Wasted Money

Evert time you use the garbage disposal to eliminate that excess food after meals, you are putting less food in the trash bags. This means over the course of the year you will need to purchase less garbage bags at the supermarket.

3. Faster Clean Up Times

When you can simple rinse excess food into the sink, you save time having to keep putting everything into that trash can after each meal.

4. Using a Professional

When you have a professional plumber install your new garbage disposal, you are guaranteed your new disposal will run without incident or they will make the necessary adjustments.

5. More Appealing Kitchen

When the time comes to sell your home, that garbage disposal in one amenity that new home buyers will definitely appreciate.

6. Saving the Planet

Yes, each time you use your garbage disposal you are putting less trash into your local landfill and helping to save the planet.

7. Utilizing Resources

When you put less trash to the curb, the garbage trucks do not need to use as many resources to haul away the trash. Less fuel equals less emissions.

8. The Cleaner Neighborhood

When you garbage sits at the curb full of decomposing food, it attracts the attention of stray dogs, cats, raccoons, and even bears. The end result is you spend hours each year cleaning up that trash from the road.

Poughkeepsie Garbage Disposal Services9. Less Plastic in the Ground

The less trash that you put in your kitchen garbage can, the less plastic that is hauled to the landfill. Those plastic bags can take a century to decompose, and one family can eliminate hundreds of those bags a year from winding up in the ground.

10. No More Clogged Drains

When you wash dishes in the sink, food particles are always getting past the drain and becoming stuck in the trap. When you run the garbage disposal, the food is chopped so fine that it simply flows right down the pipe and out of the home.

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