DIY Gone Wrong


Poughkeepsie PlumberWhy You Need To Trust The Experts In Plumbing

Today’s society is all about doing things themselves to save money. However, what most people don’t realize is that without the proper expertise on some things, it can end up costing them more in the long run.

If you are considering painting or putting on a deck, you may get away with those things, but plumbing and electrical components are best left to the experts.

Replacing Pipes

If you’re just replacing one pipe that is easy to locate, it may not be such a big deal. However, if your pipes are located in concrete, it may be tempting to rent tools and do it yourself.

Jack hammering up the floor and then replacing the pipe can cost a fraction of the price if you do it yourself. But what many don’t consider is all the things that can go wrong.

First, pipes laid in concrete are like a maze, and most people don’t know where they are. What turns out to be a small section you want to remove could end up being a search for the missing link. When dealing with underground pipes, it is always better to call in the professionals. One wrong move and you could be replacing all the lines.

Septic Issues

When dealing with septic issues or sewer problems, you could have the health department on your back. Because sewage is toxic materials, a professional should always be consulted.

Don’t mess with things that are dangerous. Breaking a sewage main could impact the neighbors too. What you don’t want is a neighbor who has sewage backing up into their yard, the cost could be astronomical. When in doubt, don’t do it!

Replacing The Hot Water Tank

The hot water tank appears to be one of the easiest jobs around. What most people don’t know is how dangerous it is. The tank mixes water and electricity, two of the most deadly combinations around. Also, a tank that has been sitting around of a long time is probably full of sediment. These particles can make a Poughkeepsie DIY Gone Wrongtank so heavy that it is barley movable.

It is so tempting to go to the local hardware store and pick up a new tank and put it in. However, unless a person has extensive electrical and plumbing knowledge, resist the urge.

Sure, saving money is what we all want to do. However, consider the real costs involved should you be unable to fix the problem, or you make it worse.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Empire Plumbing Service, Inc. at (845) 868-5033 for service in the Poughkeepsie area!